Aggression in children.

Key aspects of the development of children’s aggression any age group, including a description of types of aggression, forms of manifestation, causes and correction of behavior.

The questions of the origin of aggression in children’s behavior has long interested psychologists. It is known that problems that occur in childhood, and, as a consequence, aggressive behavior accompany the person throughout his life. In order to properly correct the aggressive behavior of the child, you need to understand the causes of aggression.

The correction process is strictly individual, and the purpose of this article – to help parents of “difficult” children to understand the situation, outlining the main errors in the upbringing and behavior of parents.

Aggression is cognitive, volitional and emotional. Most often these species do not have strict boundaries, and aggressive behavior in children can be the sum of these factors. The main task of parents – to reveal the main component and, accordingly, to choose the correct course of action and to adjust educational measures. Cognitive view of aggression consists of the definition of the object, which directed aggression and justified motivation for their behavior. Strong-willed kind of aggression based on the positive qualities of the child: determination, perseverance and dedication. Emotional view – it is easy excitability, manifested in the form of negative emotions: anger and disgust, anger and contempt.

Manifestations of aggressive behavior.

Psychologists define aggression in the form of its existence. Is a verbal form, which may be direct and indirect and physical aggression, which is divided into a straight form, indirect and symbolic. Verbal direct aggression – it is humiliation of a person with insults and hurtful words. Verbal indirect form is an accusation or a threat towards the object of aggression can manifest in the form of complaints of the child to his friend for any age. Direct physical form of aggression – this is a form of abuse, causing a child pain through physical humiliation. Indirect physical form looks like damage to the material plane, the destruction of the result of the work of another person, damage other people’s things, etc. Symbolic form – it is a way of expressing aggression through threats and intimidation. Real form, i.e. direct physical, may stem from the symbolic in the form of biting, fighting and scratching.

In one form or another aggressive behavior observed in children and adolescents of any age group. Parents can not pay attention to the antics of the child, which, in their opinion, may be quite harmless in nature. In children’s games, even the youngest children can notice the manifestation of aggression. But, as a rule, parents are beginning to sound the alarm when aggression is directed at themselves, i.e. by higher authority. The problem is that parents quite late trying to correct the behavior of children, and try to directly affect the child’s behavior without addressing the causes of aggression.

Causes of aggression in children and adolescents.

The most common causes of aggression are family problems and errors in education. Consider such problems more:

The problem with relationships within the family, conflicts and misunderstanding between the father and the mother, expressed in not sharing each other’s interests and indifference.

Aggressive behavior of the parents.

Indifference of parents to the Affairs and interests of their child, its success, and social status.

The situation, when parents protect children from responsibilities at home and do not allow family matters.

Strong emotional attachment of the child to one parent, in this case, the target of aggression may become the second or mother, or father.

The contradictions of the educational process, when the behavior of the parents does not meet the requirements of the child.

Inconsistency in parenting, when the demands of parents vary depending on the situation or in the case where the parents hold different educational lines that contradict each other.

Also the causes of aggressive behaviour can be low self-esteem. the inability to control their actions, insufficient development of the intellect. the high degree of excitability in connection with the injury or suffered by the disease, inability to build relationships in society.

An example of aggressive behavior may exist in the family, in educational institutions when dealing with their peers, but scientists have proved that a huge importance in the occurrence of aggression are the media and, in particular, scenes of violence on television and violent computer games. Identifying external causes of misbehavior of the child and, if possible, eliminating it, start to correct the behavior with utmost care and patience.

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Correction of aggressive behavior of children.

To correct the behavior of children should be depending on the situation, you must also talk with the child about his problems, to give full attention to. To do this, of course, need patience, parents don’t have to sort things out with the child during the outbreak of aggression and need to be calm and confident. Parents need to clearly understand that a conversation in a raised voice, yelling, physical punishment or punishment in the form of prohibitions exacerbate the situation.

What can be done to prevent a situation in which children’s aggression manifests itself:

You must teach the child different ways of getting rid of negative emotions (describe the cause of anger on paper and then rip it, hit a punching bag or a pillow, count to ten, etc.).

To prevent such situations prior to their occurrence (to distract the game or any other activity, in case of violence to protect themselves or extraneous physical activity – to hold a hand, to stop the child by the shoulders, etc.).

Use during the outbreak of the minimum number of words, not to insult the child, not to provoke increased outbursts of anger and rage.

Not to try to blackmail and intimidate the child.

To show the correct behavior, be a model of calm and patience.

It should be noted that aggressive children there is an increased muscle tone, the child is tense, so one of the ways is the impact of sport and physical activity of the child. Also there are special exercises aimed at relaxation of the muscles of the body. Good influence on aggressive children water exercises and water therapy, during which you can use soothing herbs and aromatic oils.

In a difficult situation it is better to visit a psychologist. which properly will determine the causes of aggression and will help to adjust the relations within the family and the child’s behavior.

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