Bad habits

More often it begins in childhood, at least — in his youth, when, hidden from adults and imitating them, you are in the company of the same guys for the first time, drank a glass of beer or a glass of vodka or wine. Warmth spreads through your body, heart beating stronger, you’re having fun, overweening, but pretty quickly you have to fully “pay” for short intoxicating pleasure, and in the best case you pay headache, lethargy and a bad mood. For some it is already the first acquaintance with alcohol becomes their evil fate.

In his younger years, the body quickly gets used to the poison, and, look, here’s the young man or woman and enslaved by his Majesty the Alcohol. Satabase it quickly and thoroughly. Sometimes, people drink to the third, and then it became a habit, appear absenteeism at work, followed by the dismissal — and here he is patient narcological dispensary…

Alcohol is a universal poison. It affects all organs and systems of the body, lowers its defenses. But especially affects nervous and cardiovascular systems. So, drinking too much alcohol can develop alcoholic psychosis: delirium tremens, alcoholic hallucinosis, delirium of jealousy and others. They are accompanied by progressive degradation of the individual. It should be noted that alcoholic psychoses often observed in the use of alcoholic substitutes. Alcoholic heart disease can be so severe that sometimes become the cause of sudden death.

Another, even more dangerous addiction — drug addiction. The epidemic it has swept many countries. This scourge has not spared Russia. And one of the most important conditions of dealing with it — wide awareness of the population, and especially young people.

After trying a drug once or twice to satisfy his curiosity, the man suddenly realizes that he could not live without it. Hope your willpower is not justified, fail to stop, and he is the slave of a dope. Of course, most addictive is not developing as rapidly, but sometimes it is enough even a single dose of the drug to attraction to him.

Easier for other victims of the drug are people in a state of psychological imbalance. In some cases, among the reasons Hobbies drugs are unfavorable situation in the family, personal tragedy, physical injury, and the like. Noticing the difficulties you need to try in a timely manner to help the person to solve them. Thus you prevent the possible use of the drug. It is also important to remember that the prerequisites for addiction are availability to a narcotic substance and a feeling of euphoria associated with its use.

Drug addiction is a severe and dangerous disease. The longer it drags on, the greater impairment leads. The addict gradually loses all interest, all his thoughts focused only on how to get the drug.

Drug use leads to liver damage (inflammation develops hepatitis with transition to cirrhosis). Also suffers heart — there are degenerative changes in the myocardium. There is evidence that drugs cause precancerous changes in the lungs lead to impotence, adversely affect the blood, dramatically weaken the immune system, resulting in a person is defenseless against the infections. But most importantly — they lead to atrophy of the brain, psychosis, epileptic seizures, schizophrenia. There are also other serious consequences of this worst blemish, but will limit ourselves listed by noticing that under the influence of drugs personality deterioration occurs in 15-20 times faster than even under the influence of alcohol.

Especially dangerous is the addiction for women. Children born from such mothers, doomed from the first moments of life. Drug addiction — they are congenital disease. The child, already poisoned before birth, poorly developed, he observed disorders of vision, coordination, mental development.

While advances in the treatment of addiction is quite modest. The reason is that not fully understood biological mechanisms of addiction to drugs and not enough effective drugs to help treat. Therefore, great importance is attached to preventive measures, in particular the fight against Smoking, because Smoking tobacco and addiction, to a certain extent intertwined (there are studies showing that those who have never smoked tobacco, ordinary not attracted to smoke herb-drug).

Often ask, what helpful advice would you give to people. The answer may be only one — do not tempt fate. Never, never try the drug! A high risk of becoming his slave, and too hard to recover from this deadly addiction.

Active fight against alcoholism and drug addiction conducted in our country in recent years, yields tangible results. However, it is disturbing the public and spread mainly among adolescents substance abuse. It consists in the inhalation of highly toxic chemicals (e.g., certain drugs, household chemicals) that alter the mental state of the person.

Toxic substances do not cause euphoria, but lead to the dizziness, the occurrence of hallucinations. Really addictive in this case does not occur and the dependence is not formed, however, such a passion for manages to cause health disorder and mental disturbances. Pretty soon the teenager finds himself in a number of underachieving students and later gets into a school for mentally retarded children. Marked disturbances of appetite, sleep, the teenager becomes angry, aggressive (externally pale, flaccid), complains of headache, weakness, bad memory, etc. For their evil passion he pays with disabilities, and sometimes life.

About Smoking from the doctor’s point of view

To quit Smoking is not easy, and some don’t want to do. Numerous studies of both Russian and foreign scientists confirmed that Smoking contributes to lung diseases — chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, etc. more Often in smokers (compared with nonsmokers) are noted diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Lung cancer, in smokers it appears much more often and at a younger age.

The harmful impact of tobacco and to other organs and systems, including the immune. The most poisonous substance contained in it is nicotine. It is especially dangerous for the cardiovascular system. Nicotine contributes to the development of such diseases as atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and many others. So, it is proved that the person who smoked a day 20 or more cigarettes a day, 3 times (compared to smoke) increases the risk of myocardial infarction.

About the dangers of Smoking can talk a lot. There is no doubt it is harmful and unsightly habit.

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