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All parents, of course, want to have his child had no problems with it. And this is not surprising. Because the ability to say and explain helps in solving many problems and conflicts. You probably noticed that it is bad talking baby pathetic adults, irritation and derision of their peers. It does not understand, and therefore cannot be accepted in the children’s team.

To notice if the baby has problems with speech, you must know the norms of speech development, i.e., what the child should be able at a certain age.

The first year of a child’s life is a preparatory stage in the development of speech. In this period the development of such prespeech vocal reactions, goo and babble.

For speech development it is very important for visual perception, which is the primary means of understanding the world. For example, pupillary reflex, turning the eyes and head toward the light, tracking the eyes and head turning for a slowly moving object.

Over time, the child begins to understand gestures of the people around him. First, develop an initial perception of the speech addressed to him, and then, and her understanding. The child can carry out simple requests adult, reinforced by gestures ( “Get me the doll,” says the mother, and shows the hand in the direction where is a doll).

By the end of the first year of life verbal communication occurs between a child and an adult that occurs not only on an emotional basis but also through speech. The main task of parents in this period is to watch closely how the development of the baby.

It is proved that the acquaintance of the kid to it is still in the womb, so it is very important during pregnancy to talk to the baby.

The more you talk to baby, sing him songs or read poems, the faster the process of memorizing new words.

Also for the development of a child’s speech is very helpful games and songs with the use of fine motor skills of hands.

In this book you will read about how to develop your baby at certain stages of his life, what games and exercises should be used for the development of a child’s speech, you will find tips and advice on how best to organize sessions with the child and how to do so, that he was interested.


Vocabulary your little one is 250 words or more. He can already speak in sentences consisting of 3 words, uses the plural, may your name, age, gender.

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Try as much as possible to talk to your child: tell him what you are doing, commenting on their actions, while clearly vigoureuse words that the baby could perceive individual words by ear.

Pay attention not only to their words, but facial expressions, gestures, posture, voice

Pause between words so the child can focus on the sounds

When talking with your child your voice should be clear, correct, do not fabricate her baby language. Especially clearly pronounce unfamiliar and very long words .

Do not forget that the development of each child individually. And yet, if the baby is persistently silent or to 16 months does not respond to your requests — consult on this matter with a specialist.

Remember that top aides to the child you are — parents. The kid must be sure that you love him and will not be to blame for the wrong word, but rather to help him learn to speak correctly.

If the child pronounces some words unclearly or incorrectly, don’t miss the moment and start to deal with his pronunciation. Because if you don’t do this at an early age, it is possible to retrain then there will be a lot harder than to teach again.


In this section you will find games that will help develop auditory perception of the baby, stimulate the individual sounds of the goo to develop the ability to find the look of the toy, i.e. to understand the speech of the adult, etc.

The development of auditory perception of speech

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