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In Czech psychiatric hospitals or correctional facilities for juveniles in recent years, increasingly began to hit children, perfectly healthy, both physically and mentally. The reason was their inability to communicate with one of the divorcing or divorced parents and the reluctance offended by such behavior of the parties to accept this.

Illustrative photo Appeared a special term “the rejected parent”, and the courts, on the recommendation of social workers, often sending descendant of the shrew “love to learn” to that parent institution, specializing in the treatment of mental illness. They argue that, say, in a neutral environment where minors will not manipulate the parent is interested in the alienation of the child’s ex-partner, it will be easier to understand their feelings and to correct them. Let’s be honest – the situation manipulative influence, aimed at the child to strengthen the sole authority of one of the warring parent of the parties is more common than we would like. Parents find themselves unable to rebuild their relationship, not involving children in the divorce mezhduusobitsa.

After published last week in the newspaper MLADÁ FRONTA today reportage “bound to love”, describing the case of an 11-year-old Alan, the boy spent in a psychiatric hospital in Opava six months, since it did not wish to see his father, – to the Ministry of labour and social Affairs received a number of complaints and statements. They write dozens of parents whose children, against their will, were sent by the courts in special correctional or mental health facility.

Deputy Ombudsman Jitka Seidlova a Number of experts warns that parents to resolve disputes in this way is criminal. I interceded for the children, that divorce is hard, and the Deputy Ombudsman of the Czech Republic Jitka Satlow, which calls to cancel the ongoing perpetuation of this practice. Whether listening to the opinion of the Department for protection of children’s rights of the Ministry of labour and social Affairs, we asked its Director Clara Trubaciovas.

“Experts with whom we work, of course, agree that such practices are unacceptable. The child can not objectively, as if from the outside, to consider his position, when he is isolated from family, and this situation is really unnatural. Therefore, it would be ideal if social workers could provide assistance and advice that will help parents quarrel to find a common language and to analyze the situation impartially, to restore relationships with their children. And if this fails, parents should think for themselves. This is, first and foremost, it is their duty”.

– Many parents, however, in the midst of the divorce process are often not inclined neither to think nor to work on yourself… You as the head of Department on protection of the rights of children intend to take any effective action against almost mechanically identify children if they dislike or obvious aversion to one of quarreling parents, in special correctional institutions, which is essentially a repressive measure?

Illustrative photo “We will cooperate with the Ministry of justice, which is competent to the proceedings and, in particular, the imposition of appropriate verdicts. These negotiations will begin very soon. We have also established a working group called “children’s interests”, which includes social workers. We intend to develop in cooperation with practical step by step guide how to act in difficult cases and to manage to navigate in the set of laws that the social worker did not succumb to the pressure of the situation, and the law was interpreted, first of all, in accordance with the best interest of the child”,

– assured the head of Department for protection of children’s rights of the Ministry of labour and social Affairs Clara Trubachev.

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