Of course, for a child of any age need attention and love of the father. As son and daughter.

The boy who feels no father’s support, takes the model of behavior of the mother. Dullnesses a boy can not only turn into a “sissy”, but in adult life be deprived of a normal family. Because in order to become a real man, the son should have a role model to know how to behave like a man. All this boy can give a loving and attentive father.

Girls usually look for in my elected representatives are the features who they liked in the fathers. I.e. dad becomes a kind of “strap”, which to raise your power. Father helps daughter to realize that she is beautiful and smart. These compliments father daughter will remember for a long time.

For kids it is very important to see and hear close by, a mother and father. Studies have shown that children whose fathers participated in their education active participation, more sociable and calm. So dad often has to take the child in his arms, talking to him.

Many men are afraid to take small children on his hands, in this situation, the mother must show and explain how to properly handle the child.

It happens that a man is jealous of his mate-to-child, and 5% of young fathers, as scientists have found, is postpartum depression. Because now most of his time the wife is paying the kid. Here it is necessary to understand that the love for a child does not diminish your love, but rather makes you closer to each other!

No doubt, father, spending lots of time at work, can not give the child as much time as the mother. This is exactly why the kid needs to see dad in a good mood. After all, if a child sees his father for a couple of hours a day, besides nervous and angry, which he will develop the stereotype? So try to leave the bad mood at the door.

The older child, the father may introduce something new, learn to play active games. In the end, you can take the child for football or fishing. But try not to criticize your child if he can’t do something, but rather a lot of praise for their successes and achievements. Be patient!

If you have a child of preschool age, be especially vnimatelny to him, because in this period there is gender identification is a complex process, when the boy schitivaet” and “absorb” povedenie father, and the girl – mother’s behavior. Often talk to him about something, walk to walk together.

Also the father can always check whether the child has homework, it is not difficult.

With nine years in the role of the father is even greater. Dad should teach his son how to behave with their peers, to learn to stand up for themselves and defend their opinions. It is the Pope should tell the boy about the physiological changes that await him ( with a girl on intimate topics to talk to mom).

Sometimes the child’s relationship with his father during this period have declined dramatically. The teenager tries to prove to the world its position. And the father should be for his friend, a trusted and tips which listen. This will simplify the life of m myself and my child. Never allow yourself to humiliate the child! It will cause him anger and complexes.

And may you become the best father in the world!

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