Dad becomes a dad

“Why daddy ?” asked my daughter when she was 7 years old. “Without him you would not exist. And yet he cares about us, that we were fine,” I replied, and she thought.

Modern woman strives for autonomy and independence. The experience of grandmothers, mothers, girlfriends teaches that men cannot be counted. They are killed in war, they drink, go to other women, change their sexual orientation, their gambling addiction sucks… In the mind there is the image of men as something unstable, and a desire to avoid the mistakes of the older generation when the hostess was carrying the entire burden of care for yourself. “It is better to raise one than with this…”

How can that be? On the one hand, you want a reliable and faithful husband, a beautiful harmonious relationship, a loving father to his children. But, on the other hand, the parental experience of family or close friends, finally, my own first experience of the marital relationship scandals, lack of understanding, the threat of divorce is not an opportunity to relax and just enjoy family life. The woman at the slightest misunderstanding begins to doubt her choice as to the perfect father for the child.

Can a woman of the XXI century to be for baby and mom, and dad in one person? Let’s see what loses a child, if his life disappear father, and how to help a man to obtain his father’s experience. Take the case of perfect parents. Mom and dad love each other and are ready to do everything for the child possible.

If the mother is the source of life and life-giving warmth, the father is the source of strength and refuge, the first senior friend who shared with a child of this force, a force in the broadest sense of the word

Pregnant dad

The relationship of father and child begin when the baby is in mom’s tummy. The condition of the baby during this period is entirely dependent on the status of women. It is therefore important to create an enabling environment for the mother and the fetus. From her husband during this period a woman is looking for reliable protection and emotional support. This can be a gentle touch, kind words. And a loving husband to his wife smoothly flows to the unborn child. We can say that a woman during pregnancy, bearing the baby, and the man — woman. Showing concern about her well-being and comfort, it lays the Foundation for the harmonious development of their child. From a passive observer “pregnant dad” becomes an active participant in the process.

As a dad becomes a dad

The first contact of the Pope and the baby should ideally be “skin to skin”. This is important for their relationship and need both dad and newborn. In this period, the child unconsciously forms a relationship with the outside world through contact with his father.

In the first year of life the baby is completely dependent on mom. Between them are the relations of the type “merge”. Mom learns to understand the needs of the child. Between them creates a special language only they can understand. The woman, forgetting himself, said: “We ate. We slept. We’ll go out”. The man starts to feel not so right. Often dads babies just don’t know what their father’s role at this stage of a child’s life. To crumb was not up a barrier in the relationship with her husband, let the husband gymnastics with the baby or learning to swim. Up to 4-6 months gorgeous baby is placed in your home tub. Then you can go work out in the pool, there are special classes for parents with infants. This is very useful for the development of the baby. The man at first with caution, then with more confidence and will be more confident to perform this task. So he will find the approach to the child will begin to feel the need, will see the result of their efforts — the joy of the baby. Body language will become the language of their communication. In infancy it is a physical contact is the main form of knowing the world. It gives a sense of security and safety, contributes to parent-child mutual feelings and their development.

The Pope is the guarantee of success

Maternal love is a given, but the approval of the Pope must be earned. This is important to stimulate the child’s desire to achieve the result of their actions. Father drew attention to the upbringing of the child those qualities that will help him cope with life’s difficulties. First of all, it teaches your child independence. Growing up, the child begins to need his father’s guidance, authority and approval. Sometimes the toddler age is not yet ready to do what was expected of him. It is therefore important to remind the man to lower his requirements and be sure to praise the baby. Thus, the child will form a good self-esteem — the key to confidence and success in life.

Often women use the authority of the father for educational purposes. “Here comes the father — he’ll ask”. Do not rush to intimidate the child. This technique can take away your credibility in the eyes of a child, and your son or daughter initiative. Besides, it is not necessarily that the child’s behavior, mother grieved, will cause the father feeling the same way. For example, what appears to be the woman’s stubbornness, in the eyes of the men will look independent.

Dad — a window to the world

Growing up, the child begins to actively explore the world, and the best helper in this than dad, just do not find. Men usually prefer to lead an active lifestyle and a great pleasure to spend time with your child outside the home.

Sigmund Freud said: “the child Has a stronger need than the need for a father’s protection.” From early infancy the child should know that he has a father who can protect him. The child needs protection in the three principal areas of their lives: from the dangers of the outside world, from the dangers of his inner fears, and protection from excessive love of mother.

Dad — protection against unnecessary care

A woman can be difficult to get over the fact that the child will sooner or later be separated from her. But this is the stage of growing up, independence and spiritual growth of the child. The wisdom of women, so as not to disturb your baby to grow up. Respect his need to communicate with his father, and become more independent. A mother’s love together with his father’s love will grow happy harmonious personality.

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