Harmful to children computer games?

It is clear that games games strife. Four-year-old, rubaiya in “counter strike”, cause most adults are almost the same feelings as if he smoked or drank beer. (Though at desire it is possible and to find favor: say, kid trains your reaction and healthy sports rage.) But there are also special children’s computer games: developing logical thinking, ability to analyze, vocabulary, visual memory, ear training, coordination of movements; teaching reading, mathematics, drawing, languages, traffic rules and behavior in society. and so on and so forth. In General, promise a lot of “Goodies” that I want to immediately run out and buy, otherwise you will not see the child a decent education. However, among the specialist children’s doctors, teachers, psychologists — many opponents of children’s computer games than supporters. If you list the pros and cons, it will turn out so. Against: damage to the eyes and spine, computer radiation, the load on the psyche, addictive. For: the child quickly learns to read, count, acquires computer skills; everything is good in moderation; and in terms of vision and light TV is much more harmful than the computer. Now details.

Ophthalmologists recommend old school children with early myopia to start using the computer with 15. Two years, with this age, parents start to buy kids computer games. That is, feel the difference.

It is now proven that the computer does not cause cataracts or glaucoma. But regular eyestrain can lead to myopia. Causes eye fatigue, — pixel (point) structure of the image, the screen flickers, the light flux is directed straight in the eyes, glare, low contrast, and excessive brightness, bad color on the monitor, the fine print.

Baby eyes get tired faster because their eye muscles are still too weak.

To reduce these problems to a minimum, it is necessary, first, to go to the trouble of buying a quality monitor. Can not save. Recommended LCD, 17-inch, with the grain of the image is not above 0.25 to 0.28, a frequency sweep of at least 70 Hertz and marking Low Radiation (low radiation).

Completely harmless computers does not happen. However, modern high-frequency monitors tire the eyes less than the average television because “plasma” while that is not at all). On the other hand, the monitor closer to the eyes than a TV.

For the immature child skeleton computer entertainment also potentially dangerous. Sitting too long in one position — with drooping shoulders, forward elbow, strained muscles of the neck causes difficulty breathing and persistent changes of the musculoskeletal system, where close to degenerative disc disease, spine and all sorts of respiratory diseases. And small repetitive movements at work with the computer, it turns out, cause further deformation of the fingers in children. According to researcher Mike Tomich, author of the book “Our silent epidemic”, the risk group includes children who start playing video games to 8 years, according to Wired. How to reduce the load on the spine? Special computer furniture were not invented for nothing, it relieves fatigue. Worth to buy rotating computer chair (on rollers, with adjustable backrest, without armrests, and “gas cartridge”, allowing to adjust the height). When a child is spinning in his chair, his spine and rib cage moving. The table also needs to be special, with a sliding Board under the keyboard.

As for electromagnetic radiation, computer manufacturers are telling us that the harm from it is exaggerated and not proven, and modern computer emits much less than, for example, a microwave (but the microwave does not play with us in “Cars” and “Prince of Persia”). All manufactured now monitors are equipped with built-in protection (must be marked LR). And basically, the radiation is not from the screen, and the back and sides. Therefore, the computer is better to put in the corner.

However, all these fundamental precautions will not help if you do not follow hygiene rules for working at the computer: the distance from the screen to the eyes not less than 50-70 cm, the upper edge of the screen is at eye level or slightly below, the optimal position at work — the left side of the window, so that the screen does not fall direct light.

The most important thing you need to limit the time of computer training of the child. How to restrict? Here are the recommendations different: some specialists do not imagine of a preschool child at the computer, others believe that in 3-4 years the child can stay at the computer for 25 minutes a day (with breaks), in 5-6 years — 35 minutes, 7-8 — 40 minutes The standard recommendation for Teens and adults — to take breaks every 30 minutes of work. In the breaks not to read, not to watch TV while doing, for example, exercises for the eyes. (Anyone observes this rule?)

The problem is not hygienic recommendations in that they do not help, but that they are rarely observed. We in our newspaper has already raised the topic of children’s computer addiction. Specialists have no clear opinion about whether or not you call this excessive dependence of the child games. The opinion of a child psychiatrist Tatiana Degtyar: “This kind of dependence develops when a personality is already formed. Therefore, such a diagnosis until the age of 18 is not exposed. Usually, the teenager is the second time. That is, he already has problems in communication with parents, peers, teachers. Why the child is sitting at the computer instead of with friends to walk?

Because there are no friends. “However, the potential of this part of computer games is great. They entice and allow you to “play” in an illusory world deeper than books or movies. And to call it “addictive” or not — but to play a half-hour children is not enough. They want more of. Begin between parents and children the endless carucage, trade and blackmail.

The situation is complicated by the fact that many parents — at least unconsciously — kids computer games and the like that allow you to permanently take the child. Sits baby in the corner, does not interfere with, and even develops with this. Such parents, the child can always negotiate another half an hour. and another half an hour. and yet. Fortunately, in this case there are special programs such as “Cybermom” that limit the playing time according to the specified parameters and at the same time “filtered” games containing elements of violence, profanity and the like. And there are games with “parental filter” that reduces the level of severity (e.g., from a dead character is not scattered splashes of blood, and chamomile — as you like it?). There are games with built-in timers and “physical activities”.

In General, precautions invented so much that you begin to wonder: is the game worth the candle? Maybe to better schools the old fashioned way — cubes, dolls, markers? But if your problem is that the computer in the family already has a baby to it is broken, you can buy him a toy computer. And what, there’s this now: and display, and mouse and keyboard, and learning games number up to several dozen. By the way, one of the main advantages of toy computers, manufacturers emphasize that smell competition from these components, displays not tire the eyes (to watch because

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