How to arrange furniture in a room

On how well thought out placement of furniture in the apartment depends not only aesthetic perception of the interior as a whole, but the ease of living in this room. Cluttered furniture place looks untidy, even if the environment consists entirely of rare antique copies. Harmoniously have the house looks bright, spacious and functional.

How to arrange furniture

When removed the largest pieces of furniture, to decide how to arrange the furniture in the room becomes a lot easier. First of all, it should not interfere with the movement of the room. Opening doors and Windows can not cling or kick the furniture or hindered from opening cabinets, chests of drawers and sideboards. If the center of the room stands a table, then the chairs should be free to move and not to disturb neighbors. Properly placed furniture freely opened and closed, the drawers slide out without disturbing the movement.

Table lamps and floor lamps for comfortable reading should be located to the left of the seated person and this fact should also be provided during the formation of the interior.

How to arrange furniture Feng Shui

Harmony will be restored and the room will be normal. Also according to Chinese tradition the mirror on the way qi reflects it back.

Much attention is paid to how correctly to arrange the furniture in a spacious room. Such a room is to be divided into functional areas, each of which should not hinder the movement of life energy. It should flow smoothly from one area to another, evenly distributed over the room.

How to arrange the furniture in the Khrushchev

Apartment in new building, affectionately called “ned”, known for its tiny kitchens, bathrooms with toilets, small rooms and low ceilings. The question of how to arrange the furniture in the room “Nikita” is particularly acute. These premises do not suffer a large, bulky items of furniture — they take up too much space and make the ceiling visually even lower. For these apartments a good modular system, and things should be alternated, and not to build the old fashioned way “wall”. For example, high “case” for clothing is complemented by a sofa bed, over which is mounted regiment in a few levels, then the rack with open and closed doors, uneven dressers and a Desk with a computer. Elevation changes do not give the opinion to become fixed at one level and the room seem larger, and a plurality of functional capacities in cabinets, shelves and drawers allows you to hide all the necessary things.

The less small items remained “on the surface”, the less crushed the space and the room looks more spacious. Multi-function items, such as a sofa with plenty of space for bed linen, bedside table on wheels that you can roll under a Desk when not in use, folding chairs and much more significantly to save space and not clutter it with unnecessary furniture.

How to arrange the furniture in the apartment

The living area may include a sofa and chairs, complemented by a coffee table. Here can come the older members of the family for watching TV, reading and knitting, socializing with others. From this room is to remove everything that has no relation to leisure and entertainment. Convenient storage, sideboards and dressers will help to harmonize the space, by removing any unnecessary items, which create a colourful and visually reduce the room.

How to arrange furniture in a rectangular room

Convenient option for large living room — corner sofa with chairs and table. It can separate the sleeping area from the game, if you have small children, will be very convenient to watch them, at the same time without disturbing the kids. Rectangular bedroom that will allow you to put a bed and two bedside tables, while maintaining a sufficiently broad approach on both sides of the bed.

How to arrange furniture in a narrow room

The way out — transformers: sofa beds, and even better, the sofa, folded “outgoing” in furniture, folding tables, turning into small tables and mobile objects on rollers, easily retractable from the road, a Desk Board on hinges and mounts, descends, when not in use. If you allow the location of the door, narrow end of the room to turn to the closet or the pantry that not only will remove a variety of items, but also change the proportions of the room in a better way.

How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom

The spacious master bedroom gives owners the opportunity to experiment with the placement of the main subject of furniture — beds. It can be placed even in the center of the room and decorate canopy bed, while the rest of the furniture in the room should be as unobtrusive.

It is undesirable to put the bed headboard to the window — drafts, noise and excessive heat from the battery will prevent a good night’s sleep. Also the bed is not put back to the entrance — it looks ugly and very uncomfortable.

How to arrange the furniture in the nursery

For children it is convenient to arrange the furniture along the walls to the middle of the room was empty and the baby could play on the carpet. In the nursery needs to be a bed or sofa, a Desk with an ergonomic chair, matched on age and growth of the child, a wardrobe and shelves or shelving for books and toys. So many little things and toys are not lying around the room, for them it is necessary to allocate a special Cabinet or a convenient and portable light cart. The bed is not placed near Windows or near doors to prevent drafts.

How to arrange the furniture in the hall, living room

If you put two soft comfortable sofa on the opposite wall of the room between them to place a table setting, it will be convenient not only to read or drink coffee, but to talk to each other. The wall next to the door can be occupied sideboard or TV. This environment will fit into quite a small room. More spacious room will allow you to add a couple of soft chairs and Cabinet, which can perform the functions of a library or repository of family values. Big fluffy rug on the floor will visually unite all of the pieces of furniture in one composition.

How to arrange the furniture in the kitchen

In the presence of a dining room can be limited to a small Breakfast bar, inscribed in kitchen furniture set — it takes up little space, but very functional — here you can have Breakfast and in the evening enjoy a cocktail or sit down with a friend. Suspended elements bar is not only decorative, but also provide extra storage space fragile glassware — glasses and wine glasses.

The classic version of kitchen furniture with hanging lockers are very practical and can accommodate many different items. In a small kitchen, this option will help to use a small space, actually one free wall. In this case, all the furniture would line up along one wall, and the other will accommodate a table or a refrigerator. In large kitchens furniture can form an angle or to take two opposite walls.

How to arrange the furniture in the office, office

If the apartment has an office or someone from home work at home, must look and how to arrange the furniture in the room, chosen for the purpose. A classic set of furniture for the office: a Desk with Desk chair, file Cabinet or library, cupboard for office equipment. If this is a home office and it is planned to receive visitors, we added a table for meetings and negotiations and chairs or a couch with enough room.

Desk better to put so that sitting behind him was face to inbound. If the Cabinet for office equipment equip rollers, it will be easy to remove when not in use or even be placed under the table or in the closet. So we’ll save the space. Working and front Desk areas are visually separated by furniture arrangement. In the waiting room can be a chair for visitors, and a small table or a group of two sofas (sofa and armchairs). For meetings to the desktop Manager joins another table with chairs, made in the form of the letter T. So everyone can see and hear each other. Usually filing system or library or are at the Desk, forming a background for it, or on the sides. For Studio or office is very important the choice of furniture and its quality, as it is an indicator of the status of the owner. Respectable men prefer massive natural wood furniture, youth limited light modern plastic or composite materials, the woman can afford a more elegant atmosphere.

On how to properly selected and rationally arranged furniture in the apartment or house depends on comfort and comfort of living of the family, a special mood, which unites all members. As the English say “my house — my fortress”.

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