How to choose child computer game?

Computer games have now become a common form of entertainment for adults and children. And if adults decide: in what games they play and whether to play at all, for the choice of the children parents are responsible.

That’s why parents need to strive to ensure that the passion for computer games has become both secure and rewarding pastime for a child.

Therefore, you need to understand: what are the games, how they can help or hurt, and how to choose a computer game a particular child?

Types of children’s computer games

The child can play on the computer without using the Internet (the game is pre-installed and run from your computer), and in online mode, when the game is launched

Home computer games:


– older the opportunity to monitor game content, no advertising;

– the creation of a library of games.

– licensed game is quite expensive and not fake are of high quality, can go in an incomplete version.

Games online:


– wide variety of games on offer;

– the game does not occupy space on your computer.

– during the game can receive pop-up ads with adult content or advertising, so you need to use only reliable resources.

General rules when selecting children’s computer games

1. Time. The duration of the game, as the time spent on the computer, in accordance with the recommendations of pediatricians, should not exceed 10-15 minutes per day for children from 3 to 5 years, 20 minutes a day for five-year periods, and for older children – plus 5 minutes for every three years.

If the child returns to the game in every spare moment and ignores other recreation, preferring the virtual game, it is necessary to take action.

2. The content and quality. The game should not contain scenes of violence, to arouse feelings of fear or aggression. Long stay in a stressful situation and frequent negative emotions have a negative impact on the mental development of the child. It is also important graphics and color games.

3. Semantic load and the ratio of the age of the child. When selecting computer games necessarily take into account the age, the temperament of the child, his interests. The game should be simple and achievable objectives for the baby, and Vice versa – for the older child to be primitive and monotonous, and fascinating and stimulating to the goal, victory.

4. The parental control. If the game goes online, then it’s your job to explain the rules of safe Internet use, control the game, its content and meaning, to observe the child’s reaction.

You can also use a specific set of programs and actions aimed at the organization of time, access or ban the games or other programs, which is called parental control. One of the main uses of such control – eliminating possibility of viewing and children to visit sites with “adult” content.

That can give useful games on-line, and what are the games

All computer games are divided into several genres:

Developing and training games – help with child learning colors, geometric shapes, shapes and the alphabet, reading, counting. These games are a good tool when learning a foreign language, drawing, music.

Adventures and quests – interesting and rewarding genre of online games. As you progress in the game the child finds solutions to various puzzles. They develop patience, attentiveness, memory. Also during the game, children learn to react quickly and make decisions. As an example, children’s games with the pirates.

Role play – child-play “live the life of a virtual character” in all different areas and subjects. During role playing games online, children exhibit your taste and preferences.

Strategy games – they can be called one of the most useful genres of games, they develop mindfulness, the ability to analyze, think logically. It is noticed that the strategy encourage interest in the study of the cultures of different countries and peoples, their history.

SIM games . in which children manage virtual transport and can feel like the captain of a ship, a pirate, a pilot, a race car driver. Such games are liked by boys. They are safe, if you do not contain too bright and violent paintings of collisions and accidents.

Action games – games of this genre often contain scenes of violence and keep the hero in constant stress, so that their offer is not recommended.

Under the guidance of parents, computer games may even become a helper: not only in the development and expansion of horizons, and in the upbringing of the child, if, for example, to use computer games as incentives or rewards for good behavior, the child’s success, and Vice versa.

What kind of computer games to choose child by age

For children 3-5 years useful are short games with educational and developmental content: if so, and spend time at such an early age of the computer, for maximum benefit.

These games can also be the most simple action, simple puzzles or quizzes with the provision of a choice of correct answers, or games, coloring. Especially like kids educational games in which to cope with the tasks, they help the heroes of your favorite cartoons.

Children 5-7 years old can play in a more complex adventure games, quests, racing, role-playing game with the selection of makeup, clothes and many others.

Years from 7-8 children are already proficient in the basics of work with computer and can play the game more difficult. Here is a good service will serve challenging puzzles, arcade games. They train not only the reaction but also attention. Child older than seven years are also available and fairly complex strategy games, in these games, children learn to plan, manage an entire company, a farm, etc.

Of course, there will be parents who exclude from the life of a child a computer and the Internet. But our world is changing, and how the child adapts in it, depends on adults. You can prevent a child to play computer games, chat via the Internet, etc. There is another choice: to teach the child how to use information resources of the Internet. to instill a healthy interest and the selectivity to the abundance of online entertainment.

And most importantly: despite the rapid development of technologies, programs and other resources, you need to remember that even the most interesting and useful computer games will not replace a child walks in the fresh air, socializing with peers, creative development and physical activity – all that is so necessary for normal development. Because children must first of all be healthy.

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