My pregnancy

During pregnancy there are significant changes to almost all organs and systems of the female body. All the changes are aimed at the renewal and the development of pregnancy, preparing the woman’s body for childbirth and breastfeeding. Directly to childbirth, causing a substantial burden on women’s health. Therefore, after childbirth the woman is important as early as possible and more effective to restore your health and body proportions to previous state.

The restoration of the female body begins immediately after birth. This process is quite complex and does not occur immediately, but gradually.

In late pregnancy in a woman’s body remains up to 5 litres of extracellular fluid, which contributed to the loosening of tissues of the birth canal and advancement of the fetus. All this causes additional stress on the heart and swelling. Internal organs, raised and clenched enlarged uterus should “recover”, to kill, to take a normal situation and to restore its functions.

The hormones of a pregnant woman, largely due to the activities of the placenta, after its removal, reduced, continue to actively produce hormones that promote the formation and secretion of milk.

The uterus after childbirth is stretched and increased in volume. Approximately within 10 days after giving birth from vagina constantly stands out bloody fluid. The inner lining of the uterus and the place where the placenta was, exfoliated. Bones and ligaments of the pelvis during childbirth apart and stretched. In the process of childbirth can damage the mucous membranes of the genital tract, and sometimes the muscles of the perineum.

To fully restore all the functions required for about two months, but it all depends on the initial state of the organism and how was the pregnancy and birth.

But the recovery will be faster and better if the woman would be to give yourself a little attention and try to follow the recommendations of doctors.

The first three days after birth

This period usually takes place in the hospital, this time it is better just to lie still and quiet, as the uterus begins to contract and the internal organs to crack down and fall into place. To ensure that the uterus has fallen faster in the first day on the stomach put a cold water bottle. More intense uterine contractions promotes regular breastfeeding to the breast. Of particular importance in this period acquires hygiene (cleaning, wound treatment, etc.) is the prevention of postpartum complications.

The first days after birth Breasts secrete colostrum, which three days later is replaced by milk. Sometimes her chest hurts from the overflow of liquid.

In the first days after birth is not a rare problem with the intestines and the bladder. That can lead to constipation and complications with urination. Sometimes can occur involuntary urination, especially when you laugh or cough. These problems are caused by weakening of the muscles in the pelvic area and reduced activity of the intestine.

Another hormonal changes caused by the absence of the placenta, during pregnancy have developed necessary for the development of pregnancy hormones, leads to depression and General oppression. It is usually held on the 3rd – 4th day.

From the 4th to the 14th day after birth

The woman is allowed to get up and gradually move more and more, if the birth took place with complications doctors may advise some time to limit movement. A woman can begin to care for the child, and not limited to the feeding of the baby, who bring midwives at a certain time.

Mammary glands and the breast skin adapts to the process of feeding the baby. During this period you need to teach your child how to properly breastfeed (to capture not only the nipple but also the surrounding areola, or nipple appears painful abrasions).

It is recommended to regularly take drugs that reduce the uterus, to reduce the period of recovery of the uterus and reproductive organs to their former condition and size.

If the mother and baby does not have any complications after birth and they feel normal within 4-5 days after delivery is being discharge from the hospital. After cesarean section 9-10 a day. When complications occur, the return home may be delayed according to doctor’s recommendations. After returning home, the woman may have to care for the child and cope with the household chores, which often triggers the development of postpartum depression. Women experience fear and uncertainty in their abilities, I’m afraid not cope with the household chores than to hurt the baby, can not cope with the baby care and even the disappointment associated with the appearance or gender. During this period, the mother is extremely important help and support of family, friends, and fellowship with other mothers. Often treatment of postpartum depression includes taking anti-depressants (sedatives), but to abuse them and don’t need to be applied only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician.

With two weeks to two months after childbirth

The baby requires constant care, which does not allow the woman to relax and increases motor activity of women. To the end of the second month after childbirth the woman’s body and its functions usually are completely restored.

With the third week after pregnancy stop bleeding from the vagina. During pregnancy and childbirth, the uterus, cervix and vagina badly stretched, but after 6 weeks postpartum reproductive organs return to its former size and to detect evidence that the woman gave birth very difficult. After birth, the uterus weighs about 1 kg; 2 weeks – just 350 g

Approximately 6 weeks after childbirth there is a compulsory post-Natal examination. Checked the position and condition of the uterus. Conducted a survey of women to determine whether there are she in pain, or feeling discomfort in the abdominal area, continue any vaginal discharge. Sometimes is taken for analysis of the blood for anemia. Always measure the blood pressure. Inspected the vagina, and also checked whether there is inflammation or erosion of the cervix (seen in 25% of women after childbirth). Usually erosion heals itself, but in some cases treatment is required.

Within two months after birth, it is not recommended to do physical exercise and SuperCool, this can result in the development of inflammation in still traumatized tissues of the birth canal. Produced for the individual child feeding regime. Regular and orderly breastfeeding contributes to a more rapid restoration of hormonal levels. If a woman does not feed your baby with 7-10 weeks after childbirth is the resumption of the menstrual cycle.

Two months after childbirth

After two months after childbirth the woman’s body almost recovered and ready to handle the load. During this period, you can gradually start rebuilding figure. A woman after childbirth, even if she is not breastfeeding her baby, diet, foods, but we should not forget about the General provisions of proper nutrition. You should try to limit your intake of anything that may contribute to the excess deposition of fat is fried, greasy, sweet and flour. Proper nutrition will not only help you recover faster after childbirth, but there is a need for breastfeeding, because milk contains substances entering the body of the mother with food. These food restrictions can and should be observed for a long time and possibly permanently.

Many women are worried about the condition of the breast after childbirth. To chest stretch, you need to wear thick cotton bra with wide straps, suitable to the breast shape and provide good support. To chest gradually took the normal form, the breastfeeding woman should be able to keep your back straight and do physical exercise to strengthen the muscles of the chest (the breast muscles not). You can do push-UPS, use bands, dumbbells, etc. the Main thing you need to do exercises regularly.

Most women are also concerned about the increase in the abdomen. But this is totally normal after pregnancy and childbirth, especially because two months after childbirth, you can begin to perform special exercises to reduce belly. However after the birth he himself gradually becomes smaller under the influence of hormones, and normalization of activity, size and position of internal organs.

If a mother feeds her baby breast, approximately 24 weeks after confinement menstruation resumes (if not, after 6-10 weeks). From about 20 weeks begins to ovulate. Women do not breastfeeding can get pregnant much earlier, it is believed that the longer a woman breastfeeds, the later she will be able to get pregnant again.

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