Parents should help their adult children money.

The reason is that people after fifty life ends. What they already do for yourself is not necessary, therefore all children. I don’t think so. On the contrary, when the children grew up, it’s time to live for yourself. You and so all life on children busted my ass, now let will take care of itself. I myself have two children. As the Institute was finished, I stopped to help. Of course, they occasionally visit me asking for money, but I basically don’t give. Why? Me money, too. I’m better with my wife I will go somewhere or buy a new TV, or something. And so I am for my children did a lot. Life fed them, education has given them. Now I think that my parental duty done and I finally can live in pleasure.

Lyudmila, 33, administrator

I – the child who had helped parents. And I’m very grateful for that. Without them I would not have coped! I with living helped, and at work gave me. Now with my daughter sit while I earn money. Don’t know, maybe someone will say that I spoiled that they sit on the neck. But I think that’s right, when people in a family help each other. Today I need them – and they came to my aid. Tomorrow I will begin to help them if required. That’s a good thing! They helped me with work, now both parents are retired and I help them with money. In my opinion, this is the height of indifference – not to do anything if your loved one needs support, including material. There’s nothing to justify. Because now I’m a completely independent woman, and would say that parents should only rely on his pension. But I love them and they love me, so we just have to help each other.

Tatyana, 43, economist

No matter how caring parents are, sooner or later their child will have to solve their own problems. And you need to prepare son or daughter for this. Parents should give the child the necessary skills in making money, teach him to endure life’s troubles, to make it independent. But if you constantly help to pay for every whim and to intervene at the slightest problems, anything your child learns. And then you have to fill a lot of bumps before really becoming an adult. Better if these cones are stuffed in his youth, when those same parents in a pinch will come to the rescue. That’s why I try to raise their children as independent as possible. My son works part time from the age of 15, my daughter is also studying and working. Pocket money I’m already not giving. My friends say it’s cruel that I deprive them of their childhood. But I think I act quite right. By the time when their peers are just starting to take his first independent steps, my children already achieve a lot.

Nina age 48, Manager

In our country children – is not a whim overly loving parents, and an urgent necessity. We simply have no opportunities immediately after graduation to get a normal job with a normal salary. Well no one needs higher education graduates! Everywhere requires professionals with experience, and where to gain this experience yesterday’s student? It turns out that first you need to work for pennies, and then to look for a good place. But after all, youth – the most active time in a person’s life. In the early years people have families, have children. To abandon it in no event it is impossible – time will be lost, and people will forever remain alone and unhappy. So without the help of parents, unfortunately, can not do. And we should not assume that our children – might not be able to the lazy people who can’t achieve success in life without parental support. It’s not the kids, and in the system! My daughter has this year entered the University. She ’ s talented and hard-working girl, but how to live without my financial support? She is studying full-time, so to get a full time job. She works part-time, but gets over it quite a bit. And the scholarship – it’s all funny money. Of course, I help. I’m not an enemy to your child and not allow the daughter left to study.

Oleg, 54, the driver

We somehow got used to the fact that “all the best – children”, parents here and bend over backwards to feed their overage blockheads. Then they wonder why their child grows selfish. But this is perhaps not surprising. If people are accustomed to the fact that all things in life, why does he suddenly begin to think of others? He from childhood had been convinced that he ” navel of the earth, that all care about his welfare. How many of these I have seen – do not count. Healthy men don’t work, sit on my parents-pensioners, who have no neither the money nor the health. This “baby” believes that the way we want it! After all, parents and given to feed him for a lifetime. Such people even the thought occurs that the elderly mom and dad need help. Why? They have the most important thing in life – to provide comfort to her offspring. Not so long ago drove two adult girls and overheard their conversation. Discussed where to take money on holiday. Now, one of them seriously assured another that parents just have to pay for the trip. The argument was iron: “what they spend it, why not us?” this lady even thoughts do not arise, parents can be certain their desires. They also from time to time you need to relax. I am one thousand percent that, when the parents of this girl are no longer able to help her, she immediately forget about their existence. Time source of income dried up, and think about these people shouldn’t.

Sergey, 50 years old, entrepreneur

Of course, you need to help if the child is in need of this assistance. It is also necessary not only to the adult son or daughter, and parents. How can a normal person to calmly watch his child is living from hand to mouth, as his grandchildren forced to grow up without diapers, a good children’s food or toys! It’s crazy you can go! Personally I love my children and want to protect them from life’s troubles. I don’t see anything to be ashamed of! I bought my daughter and son’s apartment. Just because I have the chance. I don’t see any reason why I would need to allow them to wander removable corners. My children will not become better from what they have to starve or live in a shack. They are not spoiled, they are decent and responsible people. And I don’t understand how, for example, if your space can influence on that. Why should I keep the money? I them into your grave with you carry? I am pleased that my savings will help my children. In the end, it is for their sake and for their grandchildren and I work. Myself I don’t need much – it would be a place to live, it would be there. And they really are my funds come in handy. And I like it. Want to in our country house lived my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A wish that someday they said, and this house we still from his grandfather’s inherited!

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