People’s opinion: parents should help children with housing

In our country, decided to take care of their offspring. To help them obtain education, housing, to babysit their grandchildren. There’s even a joke – with children have to mess around until retirement… children themselves. In every joke there is some truth – alas, infantilism in children enough. But hand on heart, we have to admit – even in his youth independent energetic person for housing won’t work. At least these young people a little.

We need millions, so without parental care to seriously.

For a start, two illustrations from life. “The only man in my life who gave me an apartment, my own dad,” likes to repeat one lady, a friend of the editors of “Journal of real estate”. The history of it is this. On the decline of the Soviet Union her parents bought her one-bedroom cooperative apartment. In those days, for more or less wealthy family, it was possible. The time has come, and the girl started a family. Her husband was in those days, “homeless”, but the young family has managed this one transform over time into a two-bedroom, gradually increasing the walk. Solved the housing problem allowing couples to raise two kids. Now they think, how to help their own children.

Another story, also about friends. The young family was able to earn one-bedroom apartment. The apartment is in a very nice house, quite spacious, but… The couple already had three children. That is, ensuring square meters’t have time for childbirth. A bit crowded. Further events developed so: grandparents, being already in a very advanced age, left this world. The apartment bequeathed to his grandson – large father. In short, “young” has got a spacious “three”. And another point about which we can not say. When my children grew up, the family took from the orphanage two more.

In life people find different ways to help children – again! the legacy of grandparents, peddling their homes, sell something, take the mortgage and so on. But I wonder – do the citizens consider it my parental duty? And why?

Property magazine conducted sociological research on the topic “Should parents help children to solve the housing problem if they have the opportunity”? And here’s what we found out.

80% of Muscovites believe that parents should help children to acquire housing. “In our time without the help of parents apartment not buy”, “who will help, if not the parents?”, – explained his opinion the people. Too expensive;

14% disagree with this opinion, the main argument – “the children themselves have to earn his housing”;

6% were undecided.

For those who think the involvement of parents in the decision of housing problems of children of compulsory (at least to the extent possible) asked how they imagine .

30.2% of people believe that it is necessary to help repay a mortgage loan ;

23,3% – what to buy the apartment as a whole;

8.1% of the offer to exchange their living space;

7% think need to be made for children first mortgage payment;

2,3% sure that we have to live together;

1,2% believe that you have to pay for children occupancy charges, making it easy for them to save for their own housing

27.9 percent were undecided.

As you can see, the undisputed leader in this rating – mortgage. She was selected twice, advising parents to help with payments (30,2%) and to raise money for the down payment (7%).

We then asked the participants of the study helped them parents to buy an apartment?

Judging by the responses, almost half – 48% – of respondents to the audience without parental assistance. This should add another 7% who said that such a possibility their family was not. And another 1% had no parents. Thus 56% had to solve the housing problem on their own.

A third of respondents – 31% – apartment with the older generation helped;

Not to answer this question 13%.

We also asked clarifying questions and found that half of respondents from those who believe parental assistance is required, no one helped and about a third of it helped.

Approximately the same picture and their opponents – those who believe that children should earn on housing themselves – only those who did not help a bit more, and those who helped – a little less. That is, the proportion of all sections of the audience about one and the same.

“Would you have your children, if you had the chance?” we asked the citizens.

61% said Yes – would help.

17% responded that their adult children already have independent housing.

5% no children.

Only 1% is not going to help the children.

16% were undecided.

Next, we repeated this same question, but in different groups of survey participants. The majority of respondents (over two thirds) who believe that parents should help offspring, themselves help their children.

Quite curious behaved their opponents – opponents of parental care. It is noteworthy that half of this group from a specific answer evaded. A third said that children already have housing. And about every seventh member of the group still helps children with housing. The rest don’t really help, but they are few – only 7% in this group. Apparently, people are more decisive on the words, but in reality they still have to participate in the lives of children.

Now a different perspective. Practically everyone who has helped their own parents, and help their children with housing. Take care of the children and those who earned himself an apartment – more than half of those, in addition to many members of the group (one in five) children already have their apartments. Those who are not helpful among them are negligible – the percentage of citizens at the level of statistical error.

The results of our survey are: most people surveyed believe that nowadays children need help with housing. And even some of those who disagree with them, one way or another, but are forced to do. People try to take care of their own “offspring” almost regardless of, provided them with shelter own mom and dad or not. Apparently, the positive example of their own parents pushing to do the same, and the negative (parents did not participate in the decision of housing problem) persuaded to return – assistance is needed, without it the youth too hard.

Well, the most popular way of using recognized participation in the payment of the mortgage. People offer to help extinguish monthly payments, or to collect money for the down payment. This is the most affordable option for many Russian families.

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