Prayers for children

Children are flesh and our blood, we, the parents connected with them a deep inner Union. The happiness of children is our happiness, and sorrow because of illness, death and children’s defects for a parent’s heart is the biggest sorrow. To want their children well-being and happiness is as natural as wanting them to himself.

But, unfortunately, it happens that parents care only about temporal, and material well-being of children, seeking all possible means to have their child certainly has achieved in this life.

It is important to take care of obtaining God’s help to his children and pray for them to God. Parent prayer is the most faithful and powerful means of consolidating the happiness of children. There are many examples of how our faith, sincere, heartfelt prayer invisible and parents unexpectedly sends grace of God help their children: healing from sickness, success in learning, separation from the temptations and enticements of this world, an extract from the destructive abyss mired in destructive passions and vices. It helps to remind You about the prayer feat of mother of St. Augustine Monica. St. Theophan the recluse was advised by one of the grieving mother: “Remember the mother of St. Augustine. He wept, prayed, prayed! I begged and cried that Augustine came to his senses and became, as it should be.”

In other of his writings St. Theophan the recluse wrote about a parent’s prayer for children: “children have blessed the Lord to avoid the dangers, you must pray day and night. God is merciful! It has many tools to prevent, what to us and in a head will not come. God all the rules. He is wise, all-good and omnipotence of the Ruler. And we belong to His Kingdom. Why be depressed? He will not give His offense. One should take care not to offend Him and He did not cut us from among Their number”.

We will prove the same in deed, encourages the well-known Orthodox writer N. E. Pestov, our active love to their children by resorting “to a warm, constant, fervent prayer to God for our children and to grant us wisdom in the most important matter of their spiritual education”.

Prayers for the birth of healthy children

For infertility

The righteous Forefathers Joachim and Anna

On prinosheniy Christ the righteous, long-suffering saints, the Forefathers Joachim and Annot, predstoyaschii heavenly throne of the Great King, and were boldly to Him imudia, blessed thou from Dsire vasea, the most Holy Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary, volatilise isvalidtime!

Troparion, tone 4:

Rejoice, the desert neraida, blagodarstvui nebolisa, for omnoi you husband Chad of spiritual desires, piety planteth, abstinence bringing up the virtues in perfection. In prayers, o Christ God, Amiri our stomach.

Hear us, Merciful and Almighty God, let our prayer will be revealed to Thy grace! Be merciful, o Lord, to our prayer, remember Thy law about the multiplication of the human race and Wake gracious Patron, but Thy will also continue Thee same set. You power with Thy power out of nothing created everything and marked the beginning of everything existing in the world – has created man in His own image and high mystery sanctified Union of marriage appeared in the mystery of the unity of Christ with the Church. Look, Merciful to Thy servants, so (name), marital Union United and pleading for Your help, let it be on them Your mercy, let them be prolific and Yes they will see the son of his sons, even to tretego and fourth generation, and to desired old age will live, and will enter the Kingdom of heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom all glory, honor and worship with the Holy Spirit forever. Amen.

For help in childbirth

Who will cry out, o lady; who will resort to my sorrow; who will bring tears and my sighs, if not to Thee, Queen of Heaven and earth. Who shall deliver max out of the mire of sins and iniquities, if not You, o Mother of the Abdomen, intercessor and Refuge of the human race. Hear my wailing, utesi bedrooms and mercy in my complaint, defend in trouble and napasteh, deliver me from the bitterness and sorrows and all sorts of ailments and diseases, from the visible and invisible enemy, Amiri feud strausa for me, I’ll be spared from slander and malice of men; takoj from the borders of his mi flesh abominable customs Svobodi max. Ukry kitchen putting under Your mercy, Yes obradu peace and joy and cleansing from sin. Your Matern intercession handed himself: budi me Mati and Hope, Intercession and Assistance and Intercession, joy and comfort, and an ambulance all Assistant. Oh you beautiful lady! Everyone priteca to Thee, without Thy powerful assistance does not depart: Wherefore AZ and unworthy unto Thee, the da’ll be spared from the sudden and cruel death, gnashing Tobago and eternal torment. ‘s the Kingdom of heaven can sodablast and You, in tenderness of heart river: rejoice, o mother of God, and intercessor for our intercessor hard, forevermore. Amen.

Prayers for the health of children

For the health of babies and save them from danger

Righteous Simeon The God-Receiver

Oh, great Saint of God Bogoriense Simeone! Standing before the Throne of the Great King and our God Jesus Christ, were the courage imashi to Him, in obyatya your our salvation noetica isvalidtime. You know, like mnogotomnogo intercessor and strong about us the prayer book, we resorted, greshniy and nedostoinoi. Moth is His Goodness, that I turn away from anger, that is just by our business on HN movable, and, defying countless of our sins, bring us to the path of repentance and in the path of His commandments we will adopt. Protect your prayers in the world our belly, and all good good popeseye seek, the whole ordeal to the stomach and piety required giving us. As of old the Great Novograd phenomenon of the miraculous icon from thy guitarista rid of my mortal art, tacos and now us and all the cities and villages of our country from all evils and ills, and needless death by the intercession of your deliver, and from all the visible and invisible enemy cover of your breaker. That I quiet and silent life we’ll live in all godliness and purity and tacos in the world this temporary life presense, will attain eternal peace, where there be vouchsafed the Heavenly Kingdom of Christ our God. To him all glory befitting with the father and Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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