Prince William is easier to fly a helicopter than to take care of the son

Prince William may resign from military service. In September, he will complete the trip to Wales, where he served as a rescue helicopter pilot. The Prince may be transferred to the former duty station to London or to refuse military duties.

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Kate give Prince William’s second child in April

Prince William and Kate waiting for reinforcements.

David Beckham has advised Prince William and Kate Middleton to sleep

The footballer said that he is very happy for his friends.

Elizabeth II will pass the throne to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

88-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is ready to leave the throne and plans to pass on the throne to Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine. This information was published by the Australian magazine Woman’s Day with reference to reliable sources, according to “7 days”. According to the publication, the Queen came to this decision after news of the attempted assassination.

Elizabeth II did Prince William luxury gift

Queen Elizabeth II made Prince William on his 32nd birthday luxury gift.Grandma gave her grandson a luxury helicopter worth 13.6 million dollars.Helicopter Agusta A109S Grand was manufactured in 2008, writes Starhit.It seats seven passengers, and its interior is swathed in beige leather. The helicopter can stay in the air for a couple.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine gave a children’s Bicycle

The Royal couple visited the cities of Cambridge and Hamilton in New Zealand.

Duchess Catherine starred in the movie in the protection of mental health of children

The Duchess of Cambridge is actively involved in the activities of the charity Fund Place2Be, which is under its patronage, and this time Kate starred in the movie in which calls for care of mental health of the younger generation, said in a Document. In her speech, Catherine mentions that she and Prince William are well aware how often.

before the death of Princess Diana wrote a message to Prince William and his wife

American journal Globe reported the discovery of a mysterious tape recording.

A young mother Kate Middleton shocked journalists by their figure

Just a month ago, Kate Middleton gave birth to their first child, Prince William, and today she shines in all its glory. Journalists who caught young.

Maidan: the leaders do not know how to manage

I, probably like many other people, would call a provocateur is much easier than to say specifically what you need to achieve, how, in what terms, and what will happen next.

Media: before the death of Princess Diana wrote a message to Prince William and his wife

According to British tabloid the Daily Mail, American reporters learned that a few months before his death Princess Diana did record for William and his future wife.

How to correctly build your professional image

Let’s see, why is it so important to take care of your professional image and not give it to spontaneously control of your life.

Kristen Stewart has sold out to the Prince for 500 thousand dollars!

The star of “Twilight Saga” so like the Prince from the Middle East that he has paid a tidy sum for a 15 minute meeting with the actress.

Named godparents of Prince George

In the UK named seven godparents of Prince George. The youngest of the heirs to the English throne will be christened in the Palace of St. James in London. Godparents three-month George will be Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardine Paterson, Earl Grosvenor, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Julia Samuel, William van Cutsem and Zara Phillips. The last parish.

Scientists: blood rolls up easier in black people than white people

MOSCOW, Nov 10 — RIA Novosti. Blood black rolls up easier than white people, due to the fact that their platelets are activated easier, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Medicine.

It is easier to impregnate the ancient statue, than to spend in Ukraine privatization

02.05.2015 13:30. Duchess of Cambridge Kate gave birth today to her husband Prince William’s daughter

This is the second child in the family of the Prince. It is reported that light the girl appeared a few hours ago, but the official representatives of the Royal family announced it about an hour ago. The child’s name is not yet known. The British are betting that this will be the Princess Charlotte of Princess Alice.

Prince William received a Birthday helicopter from Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen has received a grant from the government, part of which was spent on a gift to Prince William.

In Baku will award the winners of the competitions dedicated to William Shakespeare

The results of two competitions dedicated to the English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, organized by the representative office of British Council in Azerbaijan, told Trend Life in a press-service of representation.

Washington now more difficult than during the “cold war,” Kerry

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that during the cold war, Washington was easier to make decisions than in the current situation. “During the cold war it was easier and possibly easier than today. The options were not many, they were not as messy, appear more clearly,” said Kerry.

Jennings: “zombies would be much easier than the fight with Klitschko”

The opponents of the Ukrainian was a contender for the title, which is now owned by Wilder.

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