Rules of etiquette for well-mannered girls

So true. You became the parents of adorable creatures with huge eyes and cute curls. Increasingly, however, think: angelic appearance girls – this is not the road to life. Baby needs consistent education, she should know the rules of behavior in society and the basics of etiquette. So where to start to bring this little lady?

First of all, with yourself. No matter how exquisite children’s teachers and psychologists in the invention of new methods of working with children, still to this day there is no more effective education than the influence of their own example. Mom maybe an hour telling my daughter that the people around you need to respect. But if after this highly moral notation together they go to the store and she will see how the mother pushes the other and goes to the checkout queue – down the drain. The girl will copy this good example, because mom loves and wants to be like her. And then wonder why the child grows rude. So the rule number one: words parents need to match their actions.

Rest assured: parental example baby continuously reads – to put advertising language, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Girls are by nature more accurately the boys, they catch on the fly intonation of Your voice, Your facial expressions, the movements of Your hands. Mom and dad ’ s most significant for girls people, almost demigods, and it is fully configured.

So, if we brawl with senior – for example, neighbors are elderly or elderly family members – in the presence of girls, then, without noticing, passing her message senior to obey not sure, seniors allow them to live how you want. Don’t be surprised if after a few such scenes daughter becomes unmanageable and ignores our education. Not to mention the nervousness of a child and loss of a sense of security. That’s why all the conflicts and sharp conversations need to be taken outside the territory of the family. And better – do not bring to them and to solve their differences in a respectful conversation. By the way, this also applies to conflicts between the girl’s parents. Breaking dishes in the kitchen and hurtful words to each other – not the best example to follow. If for adults is a way to let off steam, for girls – the strongest negative impression for life. This is the most couples it is better to produce, after strolling through the Park or doing some physical exercises. As they say, and good for health, and the dishes the whole. As for the baby for Your home should remain a territory of security, joy and love.

Harmony harmony, but a well-behaved child needs to learn certain rules of conduct . For the little lady these few rules:

1. Cleanliness. This applies not only to basic things such as ironed dress and brushed shoes, and a culture of behavior on the street or in a public place. Shaping this culture can be in the game. For example, make a special pocket or purse, which she will take with you when you leave the house. In this cache you will need to add up all the candy wrappers, ice cream wrappers and other debris that collected during the walk. And then – to find the trash to throw everything away neatly. You can arrange a competition – who will eventually pick up more candy wrappers?

Another method to instill the girl cleanliness – is the education of the tale. In the evening, take a moment, create the ambiance (dim lights, soft music) and tell about a girl-the slob, which are everywhere scattered garbage, haven’t combed my hair, washed clothes, etc. In this tale must be a logical conclusion about what may cause this behavior. Of course, in the end, the girl-slut needs to feel bad about myself and to improve. He can be given a name similar to the name of his daughter, and casual mention of her age, who also miraculously coincide with the age of girls. Rest assured: if You managed to impress Your listener intriguing intonation and exciting course of events, she will certainly take on Board taught You the rules of conduct.

2. Restraint at the table. This rule of conduct does not mean that the girl needs a textbook to put the handles on the knees and sit with a trademark grin. But cheeky behavior also should not be. For example, if Your daughter as the heroine of the film Moscow does not believe in tears, forgot, where is the fish knife, it’s not so bad. Much more ugly, if you saw an exotic fruit on a platter, she would rush to him and immediately stuffed her mouth. Or will a long time to study the plate in the middle of the table and to choose the best piece. All of these points it is better to prevent in advance, saying, “let’s make a deal: today you’ll be a real little lady, so that we can be proud of”. And then to explain what does and doesn’t do real ladies.

3. The culture of behavior in public places. Here are the same methods and techniques. For example, appropriate this conversation with the girl: “in the Evening we go to the theater. You know what the theatre is. Do you know how to behave in the theatre little lady. ” In the reinforcement you can tell a few stories. The main condition – that these stories were not boring. You should not delve into the origins of theatre and rattling off the names of the actors. Tell better about the same a naughty girl who didn’t want after the presentation to thank the actors with applause. Or left the room before he closed the curtain. In the end, again, must be followed by repentance heroine and a complete fix.

4. The culture of behavior on the road (or in the presence of guests at home). What to do if You vividly communicate with friends that I haven’t seen, and a daughter at that moment pulling the sleeve and requires Your attention? The offer to play with other children, pulling beloved toys and other ways to shift the attention it does not work?

You should not shout: “Shut up!” or “Let me talk!” You can put the daughter on the knees or begin to stroke on the head, while continuing a conversation. Baby will feel Your attention and will gradually calm down.

P. S. don’t forget to praise your little lady for success in the observance of etiquette and rules of conduct. This clever or well done need not strain through his teeth and mutter under his breath, and speak emotionally and joyfully, looking her daughter in the eye. Praise generously, praise sincerely. This praise – the most desirable reward for her.

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