Spain’s stolen children

Spain shocked the scandal with the theft of hundreds of thousands of children

Stolen children in Spain. Here scandal is gaining momentum associated with the theft of children in hospitals across the country. The Spaniards learned that for several decades, starting with the 40’s until the 90’s, doctors, nurses and nuns took away children from their parents and given up for adoption or sold. The Spanish authorities have admitted that the theft took place. The country is now in the courts begin on the first guilty. But at the same time, the officials did not call even approximate figures. They give voice to the victims and historians. In their opinion, speech can go about 300 thousands of stolen children. Tatiana Logunova visited Spain and tried to assess the scale of the tragedy.

That she will have triplets, Angela Alvarez said different doctors. Pregnancy it went well, without any problems. They began only in the hospital of Barcelona, where the woman was brought to bear. November 3, 76th Angela reported that all the doctors were wrong and she was not born triplets, and two healthy boys. And the day after that one of them died.

Angela Alvarez, the victim:

I didn’t understand what was going on. Okay, made a mistake with the triplets, they were accurate and reliable surveys as they are now. But why the second died? With him it was all good. They said he was perfectly healthy. I was crying and I replied – don’t worry, you’ve got one son left.

The boy was buried the next day, allowing the mother only for a second to look at the body. It seemed to her that the child is too large for a newborn, but the doctors again persuaded to return. Now her son David, who then survived, 36. And now together they are applying for the exhumation of the grave. Because I doubt then buried his son and brother.

Angela Alvarez, the victim:

– You know, even then I doubted that my child died and I gave birth to twins, not triplets. But it was a different Spain in which it was impossible to say such things aloud. Now that I know that people steal children, I want to know who I really was buried. And try to find a third child, which I didn’t even say. I would call Antonio.

His name is Antonio, and he is also looking for their loved ones. It was from him Angela Alvarez and other Spaniards learned that they could lie. Now he is the head of the Association for stolen children in Spain, which helps defrauded families to find each other. A few years ago Antonio Barroso was an ordinary agent real estate, who has lived all his life in the resort town of Villanova and knew exactly who he was and who his parents are.

Antonio Barroso, the head of the Association “Stolen children of Spain”:

– When I studied in high school a classmate told me that I was adopted. I was very upset, went to my mother and she shrugged saying, what is this nonsense. Well, I forgot.

This story Antonio remembered a couple of years ago. Then the father of his best friend before his death, confessed together with their parents Antonio went to Zaragosa. There one of the nuns they bought children. For 200 thousand pesetas. At that time it was a huge amount of poor parents of boys, simple hardworking, gave parts.

Antonio Barroso, the head of the Association “Stolen children of Spain”:

At first, I was shocked. I asked my parents and they admitted that it was true. I went to Zaragosa, found a nun that sold me and Juan Luis. She was very old, but I remembered the story, but could not tell me the names of my real parents. Now I am looking for them and helping others in the same way I do.

Your story Antonio told reporters. And after a few days he started calling parents and children from across the country.

Tatiana Logunova, correspondent:

– This story was produced in Spain, the bombshell. Thousands of people learned that they could deceive. Moreover, those who in Spain has always been made to believe – nuns, doctors, nurses. Which for some reason decided that the right to dispose of other people’s destinies and decide who is worthy to raise children. Others are simply earned by selling the babies. In the history of Spain a new concept appeared – “Los ninos robados” – stolen children.

The history of the stolen children began in the 40s, when came to power, General Franco. Caudillo signed a decree which authorized to take children from the “wrong parents” who do not support the idea of francoism, and to give a more “worthy”. In addition to dissidents, unfit to raise children was considered single mothers and poor families. Moreover, in the testimony of adoption mentioned only one name – adoptive parents. The adoption Franco gave at the mercy of doctors, nurses and nuns who worked in hospitals. So began the story of the stolen children in Spain. It was an ideology that had turned into a business.

Nikki Lloyd, historian:

– A feature of Spain is that the huge important role of the Catholic Church, up until 1987, many social issues, including adoption – answered a nun who worked in hospitals and also doctors and nurses. Just think, now they say that could be stolen 300 thousand children. This is an injury to society.

300 thousand is only children. Not counting parents and relatives, and foster. They also do not always say, any children they adopt.

During each radio – he’ll hear dozens of stories, but still does not cease to be surprised by the scale of the tragedy. A successful lawyer Enrique Villa Torres once a week live advises people who consider themselves victims. It has not only call, but also come to the Studio.

Villa Torres has written a book about stolen children in Spain, it – shot feature film, which will soon be released. His office is in Valencia is Packed with folders and documents. Now the lawyer represents in the courts of Spain, the interests of the 3 hundreds of victims. Wanting much more but not enough time.

Enrique Villa Torres, attorney:

– Now all doubt. Not even me. I am an adopted child, and I know that in my case it was legit. But I still want to find my biological mother and ask again how everything was. You know, what I’ve noticed: people feel when they are being deceived. Recently, at the request of parents opened 14 coffins in which were buried their children. 11 of them were empty. We want to find the perpetrators.

Find the culprits, but to punish? Many have died, or are too old or don’t want to talk. Recently to testify on the case of stolen called the nun Maria Gomez to Valbuena. She came, but refused to talk.

Enrique Villa Torres, attorney:

– Not yet punished any one person. But I think you need to wait. In Spain – everything happens slowly. I think a few will be punished, but certainly not all involved. Most likely, it will be the doctors. Nuns – could you just give a vow of silence, and no one will force you to speak.

As nuns can be silent – we were convinced. In the convent of Valencia, whose threshold camping on the doorstep of dozens of affected parents, seeing the camera – we were asked to leave.

The nuns are hiding behind the walls of monasteries. The doctors hide behind the secret of adoption. Politicians promise to understand, but somehow not in a hurry. So people who believe that they were deceived, it remains to find themselves. To do genetic tests and expect their own people also doubted, will do DNA analysis and the result would be the same. So far the lucky ones.

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