The Influence of cartoons on children

Six-year-old girl were standing in a line of beautiful dolls in fancy dresses. — Playing mothers and daughters — asks the neighbor girl. — in No beauty shop. I don’t want to be a mom, they are old and ugly. – Meets girl. Alas, this attitude to the family and motherhood is not the only case not a childish illusion or superstition, and quite naturally the influence of cartoons on children. Parents try to protect their beloved children from the street. They are afraid that their children will come to frustration and mistakes. It’s better at home watching cartoons and believe in a fairy tale. Many parents have already noticed that the cartoons were no longer what they used to be. Domestic cartoons are still good and instructive, but, in comparison with foreign, very little. Around the clock on TV are American cartoons, often with children’s subtext.

How big is the influence of cartoons on children?

Looking at Western mothering, girls try to learn from their stereotypes, and the boys formed a distorted image of the future girlfriend lives — the mother of their kids. Child psychologists are unanimous: the influence of cartoons on children is huge! View these cartoons leads to a wrong view of the child’s family and life in General, the attenuation of the mission of procreation.

Once slipped multiples the Western image of female beauty, girls will try to look like their beloved heroine. Boys — instead of chastity and purity, will appreciate the accessibility. Many cartoons for boys, even adults creepy to watch, take care of the child’s mind. Why baby horror, fighting and blood?

The main differences from the heroines foreign cartoons from our are daring, uninhibited, sexual attraction. You can imagine that Alyonushka passionately kissed Ivan Tsarevich or Vasilisa the Beautiful they deceived Koshcheev Immortal. It is ridiculous to even consider, right? But in American cartoons is often the norm. Jasmine from “ Aladdin”, a Gypsy from “Notre Dame”, the cat from “Tom and Jerry” — behave like ladies of a certain behavior.

Thanks to these cartoons, the child prematurely awakened adult attraction to which his mind is not yet ready. The image of the mother in foreign cartoon has nothing to do with reality. Usually elderly ugly women with ugly shapes. Looking at a woman you might think that motherhood has ruined her life. The exhausted woman household chores and upbringing so that he forgot that you need to look after themselves, and lost all interest in life.

The influence of cartoons on children. Perhaps a six year old kid, you can still explain that there is nothing more important than family. Maybe other people’s cartoons and I haven’t managed to brainwash the child. And he still can interpret that any person without a family is like a tree without roots, or cut down or it dies. When once again will include baby TV, ask what he was going to look.

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