The Relation of children to parents

Many older people are faced with a situation that their adult son or daughter, whom they raised with such effort and difficulty, not has for him no respect and gratitude. If you ask people what is the reason for their negative attitude towards the mother and father, most often the answer will be the same for everybody: “They are evil, capricious and does not understand our needs.” Yes, older people tend to grumble and Express themselves intolerant of young people. But grumpy parents of the children also need to respect, and treat them with gratitude. Trouble lonely old people, which left the children is not in their nature, and their errors in the education of their children since childhood. They are unable to instill in their children respect for elders because of the lack of the approximate relationship to the parents. No matter what your parents, all people should remember the Golden rule: the best education is by example. If the parents when a child arguing with their parents resent them and shout at them, that same attitude to be expected in old age. The older the child, the harder it is to instill in him respect for elders. Under 5 years of age for a child no matter the age of a person, he can play and communicate with everyone as an equal. But children over that age already understand that people can be young, older and older. And that’s how you treat them they still do not know that their parents should teach. Special attention in the education should be given to their relationships with their parents, watch your behavior. Be attentive to them and patient. Try them in every possible way to attach to the education of their children, children should love and respect their grandparents. By example, show your kids how you are respectful of their grandparents, if they are still alive. Don’t need to hide his feelings in front of their parents, every day remind parents about how they are dear to you and inquire about their health. Then many years later you will be delighted when your child will be interested in your mood and health. Hanging out with parents, with grandparents should be deposited in the memory of the child pleasant memories, and thus the respect for elders. Teach children from a young age to empathize and be kind to their elders. In addition to a personal example, very important in the upbringing of these qualities the child has the promotion. Any manifestations of courtesy and kindness the child should not remain unnoticed by parents. If the child was replaced in the bus grandma or you, then tell him: “you did that day I was very pleased that you showed the rest of the children.” Never cross the desire of a student to help you with the words: “You cannot carry weight, I can carry”. Better in this case to say: “I love your desire to help me, but to raise you alone will be hard, come on, we divide the products into two parts, wearing it together.” You cannot try to convert all the household chores herself, believing that the child is still small. Only by helping parents, grandparents and grandpa, children learn to care for elders and respect them. If parents work all day, and the child does nothing, besides visiting schools and prep, it’s the same attitude will have to wait and future adults. A great help in the development of respect for elders and kindness in children has long been considered a fairy tale. “Red riding hood”, “Cinderella”, “the Gingerbread man”, “Three daughters” and other Russian folk tales teach kids to be kind and to respect elders. When watching TV or movies in theaters also need to try to pay more attention to the movies and cartoons, which contribute to the development of these qualities in the child. Very often children live, watching the hostility between my mother and grandmother – the mother of the Pope. In this case, the child though, and loves his grandmother, to show their feelings for her he’s afraid of how my mom treats her very differently. In such an atmosphere it is impossible to raise a child, respect for elders, grandma may not pay attention to what’s grandson to treat it dismissively, but the same attitude to his parents will not be pleased in the future. Children are like a sponge, absorbing the style of behaviour of parents. So, if you see disrespectful behavior towards the child or a senior . answer the following questions:

1). How do you feel about the parents of the wife or husband, grandparents or grandparents?

2). So whether you respect your parents, how would that respected you, your children?

3). Shrug if you tips from parents: “How can you teach, I am no longer a child?”.Remember, whether you have habits to build pout, when my parents something taught?

4). Not does it irritate you that parents often become forgotten and constantly complain about fatigue?

5). Accuse you in your thoughts or out loud in front of the kids parents, the words: “Korean or love”?

6). Keep you scores in the thoughts with the grandmother when the child disobeyed her, and especially not in a hurry to intervene?

If you answered Yes, then your education consists of many errors, which contribute to the development of your child’s disrespect for elders.

The ratio of children to parents, usually set by the parents, although not always consciously. The most important factor here is the family in which he lives and takes care of a child.

Parents are always important people for children, but the love of children to parents itself is not born and is not guaranteed. Being born, the children of their parents still do not like. Being born, children love their parents more than you love to eat apples. Your love for apples is that you are happy to eat. The love of children to parents is that they are parents willing to use. The kids will love you – but later, when you teach them this. The children quickly learned to love their parents, they need this just to teach. It all starts with the parents, with the time and effort that they are willing to allocate to their children. With the skills that they, as parents, have; with the lifestyle that they lead and, since samples of the relations that their lives demonstrate to their children. If you naturally someone to love and care for, if it gives you joy – you already served your children a great example.

The attitude of the mothers changed over the years. Popular perception of daughters to mothers:

The relationship between fathers and sons even in good families also changed over the years. Quite common is the attitude of the son to the father:

4 years . my dad knows everything!

6 years . my father just knows.

8 years . during the time my father was different.

14 . my father is so old.

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