The seventh graders arranged in the Tver school hazing

“During the year you should tolerate bullying.” – such was the demand classmates to 13-year-old Denis Sverdlov

– I in this school do not go! Me bullied there! – arriving home on January 19, told her parents Denis.

On the face of a boy “flaunted” a huge bruise. When the son took off his shirt, mom gasped as bruises and scratches were all over his body.

In the Tver school № 40, in class 7a, Dennis came in September, before that I studied in Nelidovo. Two years lived with grandparents while parents who moved to Tver, solved the housing problem. The boy was walking to school in high spirits, tried to study well. Then he suddenly got bruises.

I immediately suspected that something was wrong, but the son for all inquiries answered in monosyllables: “Fell”. Mom teen Natalia is still not at ease. – Then he opened the ulcer (although in the past such problems were not), began to increase blood pressure up to 160! The doctors said due to nerves.

Meanwhile, the teenager regularly come from school with bruises. My parents had an inkling that beat him there. Unable to stand, father Dennis went to school, gathered all the boys and tried a man and a human being to talk to them – what they say you can’t bucket crowd on one, explained how such accidents can end: the police, hospital and so on. But nothing has changed, Denis continued to be beaten at school. Bullied, called me names, spit on, when he passed by. Found out that savodelli were two unofficial leaders of the class. Then, the “go-ahead” piling all… January 19, beat it especially cruel. Someone pushed the boy in the back while he walked down the stairs, the teenager hit his face against the wall, fell. And then he began to thrash his legs a few people. Beat until then, until they dragged the seniors.

Home of Denis as a burst:

– They, when they scoffed, saying, “It’s a game. You need to bear the year. Vaughn Pasha last year suffered. And you’re not Noah…” Mom, for what? Why are they hitting me?!

– Maybe they bullied him because he is overweight? It is so… wouldn’t hurt a fly, – Natalia Vladimirovna said in a trembling voice.

According to Denis, did not participate in the universal persecution of only three boys out of the classroom. Girls respect the neutrality or approval podhihikovali “heroes”. By the way, 7a in the 40th school is exemplary. However, for some reason in the previous academic year from “exemplary” to just six students went to other schools.

Natalia wrote the application in militia, took my son to a forensic examination.

In the class held a meeting for the parents, mother or father discussed an emergency.

– In our class two years was not a full-fledged classroom teacher. What happened, is the lack of work of the parent Committee and the school administration with his parents, says dad of one of the disciples 7a Alexander Kulaev. – Children need to do, to organize their leisure time, open to school groups, sections and all will be fine.

We called my mom one of the attackers Denis.

– He has not been beaten. On 19 January, my son just walked up to him and once tapped, because Denis he is constantly insulted him (my son is non-Russian) – told us Svetlana Astapova. – And anyway, we gave the police a counter application for these insults….


Vladimir Morgos, the Deputy chief of Management of education of administration of the Tver:

– For everything that happens at school is the responsibility of the school Director. He must investigate the incident, determine the cause, punish the perpetrators, if necessary to address in law enforcement bodies. If parents are dissatisfied, you can contact us. Then the office will conduct its review. In any case should not hurt innocent people.


Irina Sokolova, the inspector on Affairs of minors of the TRANS-Volga regional Department of militia:

– Check takes 10 days. January 29 the decision to initiate or not to initiate criminal proceedings. If the beatings are confirmed, the case can be prosecuted for causing bodily harm. By law, the criminal responsibility of the perpetrator of the act is the teenager. According to this article, the responsibility begins at age 16.

If the youth has not reached the age of criminal responsibility, the case is closed. The teenager put on the preventive account in inspection on Affairs of minors, pre-emptive work with him, with parents, with the class. Also the decision on excitation or refusal in criminal case goes to court. Court decision a teenager can be sent to a temporary detention facility for juveniles for a period of 30 days.


Love Gavrilova, educational psychologist:

– In the transition to adulthood appears inexplicable aggression. School groups at this time can be like the wolf pack: choose the weakest and bully him, so teenagers are self-fulfilling. This risk group, as these children begin to show sadistic tendencies. Surely the teachers and classmates saw that the boy was bullied, but for some reason did nothing. In such situations, “the victim” should not show false shame, it is necessary to seek help from parents and teachers.


Parents, like children, are full participants in the educational process

Curious extracts from standard Charter Tver schools

Unfortunately, most parents, sending a child to school, don’t bother to read the school Charter is the basic document regulating the relations between the administration, students and parents. Perhaps it is from ignorance or unwillingness to burden yourself with unnecessary information. And not all Charter schools on public display. Meanwhile, it is competent and available spells out the rights and, more importantly, responsibilities of all participants of educational process, which are not only teachers and students but parents and scholars. Here are just some excerpts from the document:

* Participants in the educational process are the students, their parents (lawful representatives), teachers and all other employees of the institution.

* Students of the institution are entitled to. relief from the application of methods of physical and mental violence.

* Students in the institution is prohibited. to use physical force to clarify the relationship, intimidation and extortion.

* Parents (legal representatives) have the right. to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the child. to attend teachers ‘ meetings and participate in the discussion in the case where the address on the progress and behaviour of their child.

* Parents (legal representatives) are responsible for the upbringing of their children and provide them with the basic General education.

* Teaching staff is prohibited. to remove students from lessons.

* The Director of the institution shall be fully responsible for the lives, health and well-being of the students entrusted to him during the learning process.


What did the headmaster

– Hello, we are about an emergency that happened, he called the reporter to the school № 40.

– What state of emergency? – surprised the principal Elena Kuzmenko.

– Well, the boy was beaten.

– Call back in 10 minutes – asked Elena and hung up.

Then she called back and invited the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” at a joint meeting with the principal, assistant principal, school psychologist. But later it turned out that the meeting will be held, according to the management of the school need permission from the Department of education, which at the time of signing the rooms were not.

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