As often as possible interested in the success and behavior of their children. Teachers of school – pomoshnikov your upbringing. Counsel with them, help them from our side, it is better to learn your children.

Learn, who their friends are and spend their free time your children, how to behave on the street, in public places.

Never be sorry for a child due to the fact that he is not like everyone else.

Give the child your love and attention, but do not forget that there are other family members who are also in need.

No matter what, keep a positive view about their child.

Organize your life so that no one in the family felt a “victim”, abandoning his personal life.

Do not shield the child from responsibilities and problems .Solve all things with him.

Give a child freedom in actions and decision making.

Make sure your appearance and behavior. The child should be proud of you.

Don’t be afraid to refuse a child anything, if Scituate unreasonable.

More often, talk to the child. Remember that the TV will not replace him.

Don’t limit the child’s communication with peers. Often follow the recommendations of teachers and psychologists. Read more not only pedagogical literature,

but art.

Get in touch with families where there are children. Share your experiences.

Remember that someday the child will grow up and have to live independently. Prepare him for his future life.


• Don’t pamper me, you spoil me. I know very well that it is not necessary to give me everything I require. I was just testing you.

• Don’t be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer this approach. This allows me to find its place.

• Do not rely on the use of force in relations with me. This will teach me to what need be considered only with the force. I will respond more readily to your initiatives.

• Don’t be inconsistent. It throws me off and makes harder to attempt in all cases to leave the last word.

• Do not make promises that you can’t do it shake my faith in you.

• Don’t fall for my provocations when I say or do something that just to upset you. And I will try to achieve even greater “victory”.

• Do not worry too much, when I say “I hate you”. I don’t have that in mind. I just want you to regret what you’ve done to me.

• Don’t make me feel younger than I really are. I will take it out on you for it, becoming a “crybaby” and “whiner”.

• Do not do for me, and for me what I can do for myself, and then I’ll enter into the habit of using you as a maid.

• Pay no attention to my “bad habits”. It spoils me.

• Do not correct me in the presence of strangers. I will pay much more attention to your comment, if you will tell me all is quiet in the eye.

• Don’t try to discuss my behavior in the midst of conflict. For some reason, my hearing is dulled at this time, and my desire to act with you at the same time disappears. Will be fine if you take some steps later.

• Don’t try to read me instruction and notation. You will be surprised to know how great I know what is good and what is bad.

• Don’t make me feel that my actions – a mortal sin. I must learn to make mistakes without feeling that I am good for nothing.

• Do not find fault with me and not nag at me. If you will be doing, I will be forced to defend myself, pretend to be deaf.

• Do not ask me to explain why I did it. Sometimes I don’t know why to do so and not otherwise.

• Do not expose too much to the test my integrity. When I threatened, I turn into a liar.

• Don’t forget that I love to experiment. Thus, I know the world, please get over it.

• Do not protect me from the consequences of their own mistakes. I learn from my experiences.

• Don’t pay too much attention to my small ailments. I can learn to enjoy poor health if it attracts me so much attention.

– Do not try to get rid of me, when I ask Frank questions. If you choose not to answer them, you will find that I stop asking you questions, and generally I will look for the information somewhere on the side.

– Don’t reply to stupid and pointless questions. If you do, you will soon discover that I just want you constantly me doing.

– Never implying that you are perfect and infallible. It gives me a sense of the futility of attempting to catch up with you.

– Do not worry that we spend too little time. What matters is how we spend it.

– Let my fears and concerns do not cause you concern, Otherwise I’d fear even more. Show me what is courage.

– Don’t forget that I cannot thrive without understanding and encouragement, but praise when it is honestly earned, yet sometimes forgotten. But scolding seems to never.

– Treat me like you treat your friends. Then I too will be your friend. Remember that teaches me more is not a criticism, and role models.

answer me love.

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