What are moms?

All moms are different colors. There’s brunettes, blonde, brown or red. With dark skin or light. Blue eyes, green or brown. Choosing bright outfits or discreet black. And mom different colors… soul. What are moms? And what You mother is blue or orange, or maybe red? Or green, or yellow?

No, this is not a psychological test! And not even a comic classifications, of which there are plenty in the Internet. All seriously. Now it becomes clear.

For starters, that’s what it is.

In the mid-20th century American psychologist Dr. graves and his followers don Beck and Chris Cowan has formulated the so-called theory of spiral dynamics . They took as the basis of classification of their system of values! Every individual (and even society in General) are on one level. But these same levels were identified in different colors. Turned out such a fun picture.

Why I decided to talk about it?

The fact that such important thing as a system of values, is laid in childhood, and is formed of mom and dad. In adult life it is very difficult to change. This is akin to the revolution. So we automatically projected our system of children. What they grow? Maybe now it’s easier to fix something?

Beige man . no arms and no legs characterizes the level of a baby. He needs solely focused on survival – if only it was hearty, warm, comfortable. That is all exclusively on basic instincts.

Purple – go pen to the star – believes that there is someone who will solve all the problems. For a child 4-5 years is the parents, the tribe is the shaman, who will speak with the spirits and the ceremony will be satisfied by rain, sun, food, etc.

Such adults in the civilized world no. And mom, I know. So that will not stop, went further.

But more interesting. Get ready to learn themselves or their acquaintances.

Red man characterizes the level of development of the system of values in which “might is right”. Relationships like this man builds on the principle of subordination. As an example – the medieval time. The ruler must be the strongest. And if he is stronger, his works unquestioning, and orders are not amenable to discussion.

Who’s the red mom?

“It needs to be done, because I said so.” “You can’t do that”. For the same reason. It is stronger than the child. She uses this. She suppresses his will and totally not interested in his opinion.

And what about the baby?

Any child can become totalitarian parents, even scary to imagine. And most tragically, it will not always be weaker. And then have to switch roles.

For those who are on the blue level . does not exist semitones. They live that idea. And any deviation, attempts to look critically cause rejection. That cannot be reconciled with the views of the world – definitely bad. The Soviet Union, it seems, Yes? If in the party – you will be prosperous. If you sing jazz and play the saxophone… yeah, a movie about hipsters watched.

Who is blue mom?

As though it may seem strange, many women, especially after giving birth to her first child, rapidly “galoubet”. They preach Komarovsky or Shirshov, Nufeld or Doman. And hoarse ready to argue about the dangers of strollers, diapers, or even that artificial feeding is the same as breast. Those who dared to put on a child’s disposable diaper or decided to sleep with him at night, dissenting immediately indulge in condemnation. And are excluded from the possible number of friends and companions.

In General, the radicalism in the “mom” of its manifestations. Explanation definitely there. The woman appears in the new situation, in which besides it was her responsibility. There are so many conflicting recommendations. Still “cling” to some kind of camp, believe in their Holy leader and diligently to spread the message to not be disenchanted.

Some work to outgrow. Many continue in the same spirit of life.

And what about the baby?

Commitment to a specific idea on certain short – life stages even very helpful. However, this view of the world considerably limits their development. Besides, it’s the path of least resistance. Perhaps the man will be on it comfortably. But there’s something over the hill. And there are damn interesting! And because we want our children were not afraid of unconventional creative individual solutions.

Then there are the orange people . Here is a very interesting companions. If the blue receive recognition “for years of service and the amount of time devoted commitment”, orange to quickly and efficiently develop.

Blue believe that the head can be, only by giving the company …dtsat years of his life, thus the work efficiency is not even so important. Orange – “castigatio” their work and talent. But it is important that all saw how far they had come.

Who’s orange mother?

Oh, it’s mom, which, for example, teaches the child to read in a year and a half. And it shall teach! Although, frankly speaking, early reading is not about the baby, but so great to meet my mother’s ambitions. Her baby is clean and tidy, eats only healthy food, without exception, goes to five clubs and, of course, excellence. She is beautiful, smart and always painted and groomed. She has her house in order and she is a valuable employee.

And it’s all exclusively for everybody to understand that she is the best!

And what about the baby?

In our world, which is confined to success, such people have a great chance to get recognition. This is certainly effective managers, who are likely to achieve a lot with their work. And they definitely will be the best apartment (not because they necessarily need exactly five rooms and attic, and because it’s cool), a prestigious car. They will be able to demonstrate their success. And maybe even will get some buzz.

But will they be able to test whether they are truly satisfied with my life? Will they be able to break out of this race for the prestige? Doubt it…

The next level is green . For people who are on it, was important not only achieve, as such, but also relationships. What they bring to this world. It is those who think about the consequences of their activities. Moreover, in the global sense.

Who’s green mom?

Rare birds. But they have the best chances to find harmony in the soul, cease to twitch and get pleasure from life in General and motherhood in particular. The child does not sleep at night – they do not exasperated, they have no desire in their hearts to say something like, “how you made me!”. They quite sincerely – not brains, and heart – realize that this is one of the highlights of happy pictures of their world, in which no dark colors too.

They are a dialogue and think about the consequences for believing in limitless possibilities for personal growth of each person and their children in particular.

And what about the baby?

The child in front of the eyes is a perfect example. But, in my opinion, there is one danger. Green – unlike the yellow and especially the turquoise – which are people like the Dalai Lama) is not yet ready to accept and understand people of other levels. And they will never find a common language. This will conflict. If a child learns to get out of it the winner (in the sense that, without loss to their own worldview), then everything is fine.

But in General, it is within our power to make green people became more then one versions of the conflict will be brought to naught.

Of course, “pure” types don’t exist. Periodically, depending on the situation in the us is an expression of one color, then another. But there are some main in this palette. What kind of paint to paint the lives of his children?

People tend to develop. This need is inherent in us by nature. Of course, not very easy to change yourself. But we have a powerful incentive.

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