Why the child is crying

Babies can’t tell their moms and dads what they want, or what they hurt and the only way to contact parents is crying. Crying is for babies primary means of communication with others, it’s a Wake-up call about the necessary assistance and need to know what is the cause of the crying and help your baby.

Reason for crying is not enough, and the baby never cries without reason. The cry of a baby is always different and depends on what was troubling him, and crying from pain in the tummy, for example, very similar to weeping caused inconvenience, boredom and loneliness.

Gradually parents begin to identify causes of crying your baby. We will try to understand the underlying reasons for a child’s crying.

Probable causes of crying

Hunger . Crying due to hunger is the main factor crying baby and soothe it easier. Food is the most important need of the baby, so when your baby is hungry, to comfort him the only food is milk. Recently the doctors pediatricians recommend to feed your baby on demand and not to build any particular mode of feeding .

A hungry child first cries and stops, waiting for the result and if it is not understood, begins to scream again, but compassionate, demanding and shrill. To soothe baby for some time may a pacifier or some water, but a hungry child will be silent for long, then again will begin to scream, but already hysterically and choking.

Some babies cry in the feeding process . The baby greedily latch, quick sucks, then it stops and yells again, after a few minutes it calms down and everything is repeated again. Crying in the feeding process and after it, is often associated with painful sensations in the tummy. In addition, crying during feeding causes:

Inflammation of the mouth;

Nasal congestion;

Preparation for teething;

Eating disorders breastfeeding mothers;

The lack of breast milk or slow the flow of milk at the wrong position while feeding;

When inflammation of the middle ear. Crying during otitis is very strong;

When lactose intolerance is the child anxiously waving his legs, presses them to the tummy, twisting around;

When children’s intestinal colic. Abdominal pain accompanied by crying, usually at the same time in the afternoon or in the evening. A child who has a sore tummy, kicks legs, his tummy audible rumbling and gurgling, and after the separation of gases, the baby stops crying.

Crying after feeding mainly associated with painful sensations in the stomach. The pain appears due to the filling of the stomach a large quantity of air, which the child had consumed in the process of feeding with milk. To prevent this from happening, you need to properly attach the nipple, the child needs to capture not only the nipple but the areola, and when the baby suckles, should not be smacking sounds. When a child eats, you need to hold it to the column, to swallowed all the air could get out.

Crying during defecation occurs with painful sensations in the anus. Because of frequent constipation in this area cracks are formed, which are the cause of concern. To help the child can light circular massage on the tummy, charging with flexion of the legs, laying on her tummy. When the constipation becomes regular phenomenon, it is advisable to consult a doctor gastroenterologist to pass the required tests and eliminating disbacteriosis.

Crying during urination is due to the inflammatory process of the urogenital system. Bad, if the inflammation is accompanied by fever. Must pass a medical examination, urine and blood.

Dirty diapers can cause diaper rash, irritations and diaper dermatitis. In wet diapers a kid feels uncomfortable, he is cranky, screaming, spinning in bed. Can not avoid contact with dirty diapers with baby’s body.

The child is cold or hot .If the cry is associated with overheating, the baby is cranky, waving arms and legs, his skin becomes hot and begins to sweat stand out. Look, not clouded child’s neck, or folds on the body. If the room is very hot, need to take off the baby too warm clothes.

When the kid freezes, his cry is sudden and shrill, gradually, the baby stops crying and just starts to act up, hiccup, stretch the arms and legs . If a baby has cold hands and feet, put on socks and mittens. Cool the skin of the chest, tummy and back suggests that the baby is really cold and need to wear.

The baby is crying at bedtime. Sometimes babies cry before sleep and it happens because of overstimulation is still very weak nervous system. The child may just act up, whine and yawn or hysterically crying. And in both cases the reason is very tired from the emotions, impressions received during the day and it was difficult to sleep because of excitement. He just needed a good cry. If the child is well-fed, dressed in clean and dry, it is not frozen and it is not hot, well short of crying won’t hurt him, especially in the first 3 months of his life . Parents can help to sleep to your baby, it is necessary to calm, to remove annoying things (light, loud sound), to hold, to lull – a flowing, rhythmic movements, a quiet mother’s voice has a calming effect.

Sensitivity .Most infants are very sensitive to weather changes, pressure drops, for travel, for violations of the regime of the day. The child may cry from sudden sharp sound, at the sight of a stranger, dark. Babies in the first 6 months of life, sense of loneliness, and they desperately need tactile contact with adults. A crying baby needs to hold, cuddle and baby needs to calm down, if not, then you need to take it to his tummy and chest pressed to your chest, and the rhythmic swaying of his calm.

Sometimes come into confusion, despair, vainly trying to soothe a crying baby, fatigue and the accumulated irritation, endless screaming exhaust the nervous system of all family members. Before you try to soothe your baby, parents need to calm yourselves. If one gets the feeling that’s about to explode, lay the baby in the crib, and out of the room and take a few deep breaths, calm down, you can ask someone from the family to look after the baby while you’ll come around.

Farishta.uz wishes all its readers – mothers and their families good health and happiness!

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